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Natural Rattan Cane (5 Handle Colors)

Natural Rattan Cane (5 Handle Colors)

Step into the realm of traditional impact play with our Natural Rattan Canes, a popular choice among enthusiasts. Each cane features eight strands of rattan, each with a diameter of 0.2 inches (approximately 0.5 cm), meticulously bound to form a sturdy and robust handle. When combined, these strands create a handle with an approximate diameter of 0.57 inches (about 1.45 cm), ensuring a solid and comfortable grip for confident and precise use.

The cane's total length of about 23.62 inches (approximately 60 cm) allows for an extensive reach, enhancing the accuracy and impact of every strike. For those seeking to intensify the experience, pre-soaking the rattan in water not only increases its flexibility but also the severity of each hit.

Available in a variety of handle colors—Black, Red, Pink, Leopard, and Coffee—this cane offers an opportunity to personalize your tool to your style. It represents a perfect fusion of raw, organic beauty and modern, thoughtful craftsmanship, making it a coveted item for anyone dedicated to the nuances of impact play.


  • Material: Natural Rattan
  • Strand Diameter: 0.2 inches (approx. 0.5 cm)
  • Handle Diameter: 0.57 inches (approx. 1.45 cm)
  • Total Length: 23.62 inches (approx. 60 cm)
  • Available Handle Colors: Black, Red, Pink, Leopard, Coffee
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