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Large Ring Harajuku Collar & Matching Leash (4 Colors)

Large Ring Harajuku Collar & Matching Leash (4 Colors)

Introducing the Large Ring Harajuku Collar & Matching Leash, a statement piece available in four striking colors. Meticulously crafted from a combination of alloy and PU leather, this set is not only visually stunning but also comfortable, soft, and sturdy.

The collar features a prominent large ring, embodying the bold Harajuku style. The choker's length is 41 cm (16.14 inches), making it a versatile fit for various sizes. The high-quality materials ensure durability and longevity, making this collar and leash set suitable for both fashion statements and practical use.

Whether you're looking to add an edgy touch to your outfit or seeking a durable leash and collar set, this product is an excellent choice. Its unique design and comfortable fit make it a standout addition to any collection.


  • Material: Alloy, PU Leather
  • Choker Length: 41 cm (16.14 inches)
  • Available Colors: 4 Options
  • Features: Large Ring Design, Comfortable and Sturdy
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