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Blackbeard's Course Corrector - Murder Edition

Blackbeard's Course Corrector - Murder Edition

Blackbeard’s course corrector - murder edition

"While sailing through SE Asia, I regularly docked in Singapore for the crew to catch some R&R. I became quite familiar with the Harbor Master. He always carried a long stick with a wrapped grip. He always referred to it affectionally as his Course Corrector, and many times, I saw him use it on disorderly sailors. One evening, he decided to show me the real reason he called it the Course Corrector. Deep in an underground sex dungeon, I watched him correct the course of several little submissives. Now I offer it to you with my own little touch, a pointy end for your pleasure" -Blackbeard

The Course Corrector is built to order, so please allow for 2-4 days of processing before shipping. Also, the ones pictured here will not be the ones shipped to you but are an accurate representation. Due to our commitment to natural materials and finishes, the Course Corrector will have blemishes and vary from the pictures.

Custom Engraving is available for an additional cost - names or phrases only; please purchase the engraving listing and put your desired text in the notes at checkout.


  • Wood: Oak Length: 760mm (30")
  • Thickness: 10mm (3/8"), 13mm (1/2"), 16mm (5/8")
  • Grip: Black
  • Leather Flamed to achieve color

This item is sold as a novelty item only; using this item on the body may result in serious injury and/or death.

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