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Beaded Wenge Hardwood Spoon Paddle

Beaded Wenge Hardwood Spoon Paddle

Discover the unique sensation of our Beaded Wenge Hardwood Spoon Paddle, expertly crafted for those who appreciate a distinctive touch in their play. Measuring 35.5 cm (approximately 14 inches) in length, this paddle is made from solid Wenge hardwood, renowned for its durability and elegant appearance.

The paddle's standout feature is the 8 large beads on one side, offering an extraordinary texture for a varied sensory experience. Each bead is meticulously integrated into the paddle, enhancing the impact and providing a range of sensations. The ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable and secure grip, allowing for precise control and maneuverability during use.

Handmade with attention to detail, this paddle is not just a tool but a work of art, combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative design.


  • Material: Solid Wenge Hardwood
  • Length: 35.5 cm (approx. 14 inches)
  • Unique Feature: 8 Large Beads on One Side
  • Ergonomic Handle for Comfortable Use
  • Handcrafted, Solid Wood Construction
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