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8-Piece Silicone Urethral Dilator Set

8-Piece Silicone Urethral Dilator Set

Explore new dimensions of pleasure with our 8-Piece Silicone Urethral Dilator Set, designed for those who seek to expand their boundaries. Each piece in this comprehensive set is crafted from high-quality black silicone, ensuring both safety and comfort during use. The set includes a range of diameters, starting from a slender 3.5mm and gradually increasing up to a more substantial 11.5mm, allowing for progressive exploration at your own pace. With a uniform length of 300mm, these dilators are perfect for both beginners and experienced users alike. The silicone material offers flexibility and a smooth surface, making insertion and removal as comfortable as possible. This set is an excellent choice for anyone interested in urethral play, providing a variety of sizes to cater to individual preferences and experience levels.

Please Note: Urethral play should always be approached with caution and undertaken with a full understanding of the risks and appropriate safety measures. It is recommended to use these products with sterile lubricant and to follow a thorough sterilization process before and after use. If you are new to this type of play, consider consulting with a knowledgeable healthcare provider beforehand.

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